This is the FAQ, which answers frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered here, try YandereDev’s FAQ for non Mac-specific problems or Downloads page for controls. If you can’t find it there either,  comment or email me at figgy city at gma il dot co m (no spaces at all and at and dot replaced with @ and . respectively) and PLEASE COPY ANY ERRORS  because I can’t do anything without them.

Q: The app won’t launch because its from an unidentifiable developer. How do I fix it?

A: go into System Preferences, security and press Open anyway. 

Q: How do I fix class ppgt errors?

A: Get launcher 2.0.

Q: I have X foreign keyboard layout, how do I open the debug menu / easter eggs / reset the day?

A: For American keyboards, use this layout for reference:

YM Controls US

For ANY international keyboard, use the positions described in this reference, not the labels (which are specific to the UK layout):

YM Controls International

Credit to Apple (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201794) for keyboard images.

Q: I have a Macbook / Magic Trackpad with no right click button. How do I open the camera?

A: Check this option in System Preferences > Trackpad to enable right clicking with the trackpad, then hold down two fingers and use Ctrl to take a picture. Credit to http://www.extensions.in.th/amitiae/2014/prefs/track.html for Trackpad preferences because I don’t have a Macbook for reference.

YM Camera Prefs

Q: Why does the incinerator make annoying noises after I dump something in it?

A: The cause of this issue is unknown, however there is a patch to fix it! To apply it, extract the zip file.For launcher 2, this patch is applied automatically provided you are on the latest version. Otherwise find your .app file. Then right-click on YandereMac.app and click “Show Package Contents” then Contents. If you see a Data folder, simply drag the sharedassets10.assets file into it.

Link to the latest patch: Here

Q: I see a “root” folder when I download the zip file. Where’s YandereMac?

A: Due to a flaw in my automated build packaging system that is run on my personal server (yes I am that lazy) the zip file somewhat replicates the file structure of my server. If you click through all the folders (root and ym_base in most cases) you should find a YandereMac.app, ready to drag into /Applications (or place on the desktop if you are as messy as 99% of the installation videos on YouTube)

Q: Why is the blood on Yandere-chan’s body black?

A: I don’t know why, and as a result there is currently no patch available.

Q: How do I get the launcher to work if it freezes in the middle of a download?

A: Get launcher 2.0. If it still happens, try relaunching the launcher then comment below.

Q: X happened to my launcher’s version of the game. How do I reinstall it?

A: On launcher 2, hold option (alt) down. You will see this dialog:Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 09.44.37

Click “Reinstall Game”, quit the launcher with command + q and relaunch it. Just clicking Play on this dialog will not reinstall the game.

Another method is to just open Terminal and type in:

defaults write uk.figgy.YandereMac installedVersion notInstalled

After that reopen the launcher and it will redownload.

Q: How do I add mods / skins to the game?

A: For launcher 2, type cmd+shift+g then “~/Library/Application Support/YandereMac” without quotes otherwise find your .app file. Start by right clicking on YandereMac.app then click Show Package Contents then Contents. If you see a Data folder go into it. For skins, drag the files into the StreamingAssets folder. For mods that have .assets file extensions (like the aforementioned furnace patch) or mods that have several folders, somewhat duplicating the existing file structure (like the post-April 4th Osana mod) just drag them into the Data folder. Make sure you download the latest version of your mod for the current build!

Q: How do I get into the game if there is no mouse?

A: You need to use WASD or the arrow keys to move around the menu and E to select.

443 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. When I try to open the game, it opens with “Checking for updates” and quits after 2 seconds. Launcher doesn’t open. I deleted and re-download the game again, but still does the same thing.


  2. The buttons to tell you what buttons to press are blurry (ex. hold q to drag), along with the signs with the name of the room (ex. sewing room). It was really hard to figure out things with this problem.


  3. Every time I try to open up the game a message pops up saying that there was an extraction error? What does this mean and how do I fix it?


    1. It happened to me when I clicked on the ‘MediaFire’ link so I deleted it and clicked on the ‘Personal’ link to download it and it worked. But I don’t know.. It worked for me ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  4. Please help me… The data folder isn’t there for me when i right click yandere mac and select, clicked “Show Package Contents” and opened the contents folder there wasn’t a data folder can you help?


  5. i cant access the easter egg and debug menu even with the pictures you listed, no button on my keyboard works for it (I have a german keyboard)


  6. i try to open yandere mac once it’s zipped, but it just stays on the downloading tab until it crashes. ive tried redownloading about seven times, and it hasn’t worked. im not sure why this is, and i’d like some help.


  7. I try to get Osana to the game then i got the fun girl screen and even if i change the name back to reserved it won’t work now i can’t play yandere sim


  8. I’m probably just stupid, but is there a way to resize the screen? a portion of the bottom and sides of the game are cut off and it makes it hard to see what i’m supposed to do. also could someone give me a more in detail explanation for the controls, i know how to move around and select things and change the camera angles but specific things i cant figure out how to do which keeps me from progressing. any help is appreciated!


      1. My launcher won’t work every time it downloads the game and finishes it closes by it’s self and nothing happens and when I try to open in it redownloads again is there any way I can fix this I don’t want to download the Manual builds because I want to use the launcher 😐


  9. I have a french keyboard (AZERTY) without “digital” keyboard (numbers), I tried to hide a weapon like a knife with 1, but it doesn’t work… I also tried to use the positions described to open the debug menu or else, but it doesn’t work too… I’m a bit disappointed.

    Thanks for your attention.


  10. Hi I just redownloaded the game but when I open the app, the checking for update thing pops up, but it stays like that for a couple seconds and than it quits unexpectedly. I tried this now 100 times but it just won’t get pass the checking for update part it just keeps quiting unexpectedly is there anyway to fix this issue? It worked for me before but now it doesn’t anymore.


  11. I tried to redownload the game again but when the checking for update pops up nothing happens and than it quits unexpectedly is there anyways to fix this issue? The game keeps quiting every time I try to open it…


  12. Is there a way to pause the game and minimize the tab so I can temporarily switch to a different application? I can’t find a way to do that, and it’s annoying to have to exit out of the game completely to do something else


      1. Thank god I found this, I haven’t been able to get out of the game for a while…It’s literally been months since I’ve opened the game…good timing, too, I need to finish an essay! Just…thank you.


    1. Er, you have to right click the game, and then go to packages contents, go to the datas folder it will be there, since the GO and the “Package Contents” somehow have different folders..


  13. I can’t find a streaming assets folder in the data folder no matter how many times I check or look at how you said to find it on the FAQ I’m going to try to redownload it again but I could use some help from anyone who has uploaded a skin to yandere mac before


  14. Hi, I downloaded the launcher, but there are still the annoying noises after I dump something in the incinerator. How do I fix it?


  15. I have a really ridiculous request.. Do you think its possible to make a Mac Compatible build of the November 1st 2015 build? AKA the only last build with the old school


    1. Also… Can you update the July 25th build link please? I wanna use the costumization mod number 2 ( i feel bad for asking alot sorry ): )


      1. Sorry to interrupt but my internet sucks when it comes to loading the page its a bit slow so i wondered if you had a Skype or something where i can contact you easier?


  16. Okay. I’m a MacBook Air user, and I cannot figure out for the life of me the controls of this version of the game. I’m very inexperienced with PC gaming, and I have never used a proper gaming computer. I cannot figure out how to close the window (I can’t minimize it, resize it, or even take my mouse off of it) I managed to figure out which button I needed to start the game and to start changing panties, but I found I was unable to select the pair of panties I wanted. Changing the controls before launching the game didn’t help. Can someone give me a quick rundown of the basic controls needed for the game in a language that I understand?


  17. for everyone who has a problem with getting into the debug menu:
    try changing your region (system preferences > language & region) to united states and use the us keyboard input (you can add this input source under keyboard preferences), THEN launch the game and the commands for international keyboards should work as described in this faq


  18. I noticed some glitches in the game. Not sure if they’re from your end or Yandere Dev’s (though at least two are, I’m pretty sure, the consequences of transferring the game from PC to Mac).

    When you activate the camera with the touch pad / mouse, it works – but then you CANNOT TAKE ANY PICTURES. This is what I think is the issue with the transfer. On a PC, there are two buttons for the mouse, enabling the option for both a right and left click option. On a Mac, there’s only one, meaning only one function works. So, yeah, unless you use the debug menu, there’s no way to get any panty shots for Info-Chan.
    Several keys do not function as they should. This includes the Laugh key (left option) and the Trip key (tab).
    It is not possible to activate some of the debug commands due to the controls not matching. Again, this is the result of changing from a PC to a Mac. The keyboards are completely different and, as a result, keys either don’t exist or don’t function the same way. Incidentally, this also affects the F1-F12 keys, as they are set to control the computer, not do what the game has them assigned to do.

    I’m not sure what the solution for these issues would be. But it’s something you should look into.


    1. F-keys should work when holding Fn. there’s an option in system preferences for using two fingers as right click then using option or control to take the photo. Afaik laugh is left control and works fine but I haven’t tested trip


      1. Well, the laugh button has yet to work for me. I either have to go to the turtle or stand right behind Senpai and let his aura do the trick for her sanity.


  19. I started the launcher and it asks if it should install a new update, i clicked on yes or something like that. It didn’t work and gave me this:
    “Sorry, there was an extraction error. (stage 2) Error Domain=URKErrorDomain Code=13 “ERAR_BAD_ARCHIVE” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=ERAR_BAD_ARCHIVE}”. I already tried just launching it, where it just closed, opened, and closed again. I also tried clicking on reinstall game and now it just gives me that error without doing anything.
    Does it support macOS Sierra?


  20. Is there a way for you to include the incinerator patch in the launcher so that we don’t have to do it individually, or is that not possible? Just curious. Also – I clicked the dropbox link under “Support Me”, so I hope that did something for you 🙂


  21. I’ve been trying to update yandere sim for about a month now and it always says a new update is available and i press ok sometimes it says error extracting idk what that means and most times something comes up that says downloading/updating if i click something else it goes away and then i have to bring it up again. if i have to just let it run and now touch anything to let it download that’d ok i just wanna know. and how long do you think it will take to update?


  22. I was able to download both Yandere Simulator for my Macbook Pro and the patch to fix the incinerator noise, but I can’t install the patch because when I downloaded the game, there was NO ZIP FILE. I just got the pink and white heart icon that says YandereMac. When I click on it, it takes me right to the configuration screen before I launch the program. There is no way to install the incinerator patch from here. What now?


      1. Cool. I can deal with it for now. It’s more annoying that the police can still find a body once it’s been burned by the incinerator (which I assume is just a glitch – fortunately, there’s more than one way to get rid of a corpse).

        I noticed that some of the controls on the debug menu do not match the keyboard on a Macbook Pro. There’s also no way to take a photograph, as you need both the right and left mouse buttons to do it, and once one part of the touchpad is occupied, no other parts of the touchpad work. This prevents the player from completing the core game mechanic of panty shots for Info-chan. You are probably aware of all this, though, but just in case you’re not.



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