KuudereMac 3

It’s finally here! I really don’t care about the real game, Kuudere Sim is what it’s all about! Get it here. Kuudere Simulator is a deep, complex, intricate, multi-layered, multi-faceted game that will take decades to master. This guide should help you get started! Controls:

  • W – Change the color of the walls!
  • E – Equip an eyepatch!
  • F – Enter First Person Mode!
  • L – Change the direction that you’re looking in!
  • B – Blink Button / Baka Button / Hmph Button
  • T – Tsundere Mode
  • K – Kuudere Mode
  • H – Himedere Mode
  • O – Spawn Osana
  • Spacebar – Aim gun, shoot gun (if Osana is present), lower gun (if Osana is dead).
  • ~ – Reset the game (useful if the room is full of dead Osanas).
  • Scroll wheel – Zoom in to admire Kuudere’s apathy!