June 18th Build

Personal: http://figgyc.uk/ym_old/ym_jun18.zip

Sorry for the delay, I have spent a while optimizing my server. (I’m surprised nobody noticed that it was down for quite a while.)


50 thoughts on “June 18th Build

  1. Hello. I have a problem like the previous man, I can not download the game. Download does not start. You can fill into the OneDrive or Dropboks?


  2. It won’t let me update the game with each new build. I have been redownloading it for awhile but I would rather just update.


          1. I use Safari and Google Chrome. Nowhere is loaded. At the top there is an arrow download, but the file is not downloaded.


      1. So am I S.O.L. or do I need to re-download it, or what? I can make her trip by pressing “5” on the numeric keypad, but if she’s holding a bucket of gasoline, it won’t spill on Kokona.


  3. I press the link and the 404 page comes up! I try download the linked file but it says ‘the file was moved since I first downloaded’ or something like that. I REALLY want the newest build, or else I’m stuck on June 3rd forever!



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