June 16th Build

Personal: FIXED http://figgyc.uk/ym_old/ym_jun16.zip


102 thoughts on “June 16th Build

  1. the june 6th build on the launcher worked perfectly fine yesterday and today i tried to update the newest build and it doesnt work. everything doesnt work. i tried to download the 6th manual build again but it showed the 404 page
    . please help


      1. sorry to be a bit slow but which command in faq specifically? is it the 2.0 launcher? because none of your link that will make it automatically to download work and it only send me to 404 page


  2. When I trip to splash kokona nothing comes out of the bucket. YES I FILLED THE BUCKET I TRIED ALL THREE LIQUIDS. I press tab and I fall but nothing comes out. I press control and nothing happens at all.


  3. The tab button dumps the bucket/trips Yandere chan but it doesn’t do anything to kokona. Like it just makes her trip no liquid gets splashed out of the bucket…


  4. I just wanted to put my comment out here, some of you guys are extremely rude and impatient the guy prob has a lot to do other then take care of YandereMac jeez 😐


    1. True, like the developer does have a life :I I could wait 10 days from now for the June 15th build as long as I can play it, it could take a month, and yeah I would kinda get impatient after a whole 30 or 31 days but if the developer can’t get it done in time, I’d still wait. (long paragraph to read, oh well.)


    1. to open it you have to go to system preferences (aka settings) and find “security & privacy” and click on it, at the bottom of it it should say to allow all websites even from an unidentified developer, or something like that, and click the little bubble on the left of it for it to work, thats how i got mine to work.



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