June 6th Build

Sorry for the delay. 

Personal: http://figgyc.uk/ym_old/ym_jun06.zip


28 thoughts on “June 6th Build

  1. Um I can’t open the debug menu and stuff on my mac, and F1, F2 keys don’t work they still control the brightness how do I use my keyboard for those things? I mean I don’t have the “/” on my keyboard -_-


  2. Hey, YandereDev? I’m not sure how to open the camera and take photos on the Mac.. How do you do that, exactly? Sorry


  3. When trying to take a panty shot using Kokona’s phone to complete the “Frame for panty shots” scheme, it won’t allow me to switch over to her phone. I tried pressing a bunch of different buttons but none worked including the one it said to use which was “shift”.



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