June 3rd Build

Sorry for the delay, I had to clean cache files and optimise my personal server because it was full.

Personal: http://figgyc.uk/ym_old/ym_jun03.zip

MediaFire: Coming as soon as it decides to empty my Trash.


15 thoughts on “June 3rd Build

  1. Something is wrong with this build, whenever I try to talk to kokona doing all the task steps correctly, she freezes and the conversation doesn’t continue. Why is this? Can you please fix this, I need to stream/record properly D:


    1. Same problem here, once you try to “Offer help” her first line of dialogue shows up at the bottom but there is no voice and the sound goes really quiet. You can’t move or progress the conversation. The only buttons that can be pressed are the debug menu (and any option there) or the reset day button.



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