June 1st Build

It’s big! Also in launcher 2.

Personal: http://figgyc.uk/ym_old/ym_jun01.zip

MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rg6ry1sdf6ni89d/ym_jun01.zip




45 thoughts on “June 1st Build

    1. Same problem… Can not open the debug menu + easter eggs + inventory + let something down… I use the american keyboard btw… Help


  1. Some things that Yonder Dev showed that are in the new update are not avaliable and when i use the incinerator, it keeps making the sound it does when it closes and i have to turn my sound off.. Help???


      1. The option to discuss problems with Kakona instead of just being able to kill her when you request to speak with her in private is unavailable. And some things I’ve always haven’t been able to do.. i cant kidnap anyone and i cant choose to “confirm” after putting in study points. I hope i make sense, I’m not the best at explaining.


        1. um, this isn’t working I’m pressing the button next to alt and the one next to Q and all I get it a menu of application!?


              1. No just press them at any point and the focus should change to another app. If you want to quit completely just exit with the phone (enter) or cmd ⌘ +q >


                  1. Oh you wanted to take photos? Sorry I thought by get the camera out you meant get out of the game.

                    You need to enable right clicking in System Preferences. See the FAQ. >


  2. The zip for the June 1st build won’t expand. I tried downloading it again, but it still wouldn’t work.


  3. yeah one more question i just lost internet and now the download in the launcher stopped what do i do


      1. When will your internet go back up? When it does just restart the download. I might send an update to allow download resuming but obviously that’s of no help when you have no Internet :p


  4. How much space does this take? my launcher is downloading a 662MB file just wanted to make sure its the june 1st



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