May 7th Build

Here it is! Also in launcher 2. Sorry for the delay, my server was full so I had to optimise my build script. Patch:






48 thoughts on “May 7th Build

    1. Open a finder window and press command shift G. Type in ~/Library/. Right click on Application support and click get info. Take a screenshot and post it here


                    1. i did it and its still not loading yandere sim. like when it finishes downloading it doesnt boot up yanderesim


    1. Sadly not for some at least. You can try the input screen that appears before the game but not every control is changeable there, on either windows or Mac 😕


  1. I am getting this error when running the app “Sorry, there was an extraction error. (stage 2) Error Domain=URKErrorDomain Code=12 “ERAR_BAD_DATA” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=ERAR_BAD_DATA}”


    1. So I bet I’m very behind but can you go over the controls for the mac. I can’t take photos which makes it impossible to get new clothing so can you clear up the controls for using the camera



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