May 4th Build

LAUNCHER BUG FIXED: YandereDev made an error packing the first version that I didn’t notice! Sorry!

Here it is! Also in launcher. Note that I have deleted the march 3rd build from my server as it is full. A patch is avaliable at






17 thoughts on “May 4th Build

  1. I get this error when I try to update with the 2.0 launcher.

    Sorry, there was an extraction error. (stage 2) Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=260 “The folder “YandereSimMay4th_Data” doesn’t exist.” UserInfo={NSFilePath=/Users/Reluttr/Library/Caches/YandereSimMay4th/YandereSimMay4th_Data, NSUserStringVariant=(
    ), NSUnderlyingError=0x7faf6aff50f0 {Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-43 “fnfErr: File not found”}}


      1. I uninstalled the launcher and deleting everything with “yanderemac” in its name in ~Library, rebooted, downloaded a fresh copy of the launcher and installed it.

        When I open the launcher I am prompted to update, it downloads a ~615MB file and just closes when it finishes. I don’t get a error or anything. :/


          1. Ok, I tried the terminal command from the FAQ section thats used to reinstall the game.

            Now it will download and show the extraction error from earlier. :/

            I tried going into the Caches folder it keeps talking about, and the only thing in the “/Users/Reluttr/Library/Caches/YandereSimMay4th/” folder is the following files.

            “YandereSimMay3rd_Data” -Folder

            It looks like the updater/launcher is looking for a folder called “YandereSimMay4th_Data” and it isn’t there for w/e reason.


              1. Nahh I got about 200GB of free space.

                This lastest time what I did is this…
                -Deleted Launcher from Applications folder.
                -Removed anything with “Yandere” in its name from Library
                -Removed all things with “Yandere” and “FIggy” from Caches
                -Deleted latest.rar and patchlatest.rar from Caches.
                -Reboot Machine-
                -Install Launcher in the Home Applications folder
                -Launch Yanderemac and let it update.

                It will download the update, it will then try to install it, at which point I still get the error from above. 😦

                Its like the installer is not unpacking the right folder or something. The installer is looking for files in a “YandereSimMay4th_Data” folder inside of the “YandereSimMay4th” folder, but the only folders in the “YandereSimMay4th” are…

                “YandereSimMay3rd_Data” -Folder



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