YandereMac Launcher 2.0


Note: You may need to redownload the launcher due to recent updates.

The second and much better version of the formerly horrible YandereMac Launcher application. With these features:

  • Should now work with OS X 10.9
  • Now written in Swift instead of AppleScript
  • No freezing in the middle of downloads
  • No class ppgt errors
  • The ability to download and automatically apply any avaliable incinerator patch
  • The ability to hold option when starting the app to troubleshoot instead of needing to use Terminal

But first, a quick rundown of some things that people are confused about:

  • You only need either this or a manual build, not both.
  • You don’t need to redownload the launcher (or download a manual build) every time a new update is released: it checks automatically.
  • You will not need to click update the first time you load the game, however an extra download will be done.


Personal: https://figgyc.uk/launcher2.zip

MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2mr5pf4o2ocvot2/launcher2.zip

MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!dMxCyRxQ!cdEPKjeMXc_axlFmAckI5n069lm1WMJVmp22oxDcZHw

Openload: https://openload.co/f/tIJd9rpPQOI/launcher2.zip


526 thoughts on “YandereMac Launcher 2.0

  1. Mate we all appreciate what you do for us and all that but woULD IT KILL YOU TO TELL US WHY THE FUCK THIS IS HAPPENING like don’t get me wrong dude respect to you for doing what you do but are you seriously just going to leave us like this dude would it actually kill you

    I wouldn’t even mind waiting months for you to fix it or whatever if we knew that you were actually trying to do something but no instead we get this sHIT THANKS MATE


    1. Use this to launch the .exe on Mac:http://winebottler.kronenberg.org. Just select “Open with…” and choose the Wine version you downloaded (the one with the goblet icon). You won’t need a wrapper or wait for somebody else anymore: it just works.
      YandereSim on Mac does and will always work guys, please read this comment and stop waiting for someone else to build a mere package with an open-source app everybody can download!


  2. Please tell us if you are going to end this website, the suspense is unbearable. Please don’t just leave us hanging, I really appreciate what you do to allow Yandere Simulator to be available on Mac, but please can you announce what is going one (like why the links aren’t working, why you haven’t uploaded any of the new builds). Have you moved? Have you given up?


  3. Could the creater just watch if all is files match with his URL? When all the files will match with his URL we should be able to download yanderemac and play with it… That would be fun… Please fix the problem!


    1. Man, download the latest Wine for Mac, and use that to open the .exe file after downloading the latest build. The site owner didn’t anything else than creating a wrapper using Wine. You could do the same, but I advice against it, because WineBottler is way behind regarding the Wine engine version. Here’s a link, it works way better, and have fun: https://www.winehq.org/download


  4. This is getting ridiculous, i have tried the individual and the launcher and both don’t work. I don’t know if its my computer or the launcher it self but it seems the other people on this website are having the same problem.
    Problem: my launcher would open and the while “initializing” was in progress it randomly quits. And the individual launchers say that “this app can not be opened” Please if anyone knows how to solve this problem, respond. R.I.P yanderemac

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    1. It is the creater that can solve this problem. The problem is that the files that we need to download and play with yandere simulator are not found. The creater should watch if all his files match with his URL. (it’s the adress of the game)


    1. Figgyc, your trash. Stop trying to make a new build when YandereDev does. Take your time to correct this! “Incomplete file”, and FIX IT! I want to play desperatly! Please?


  5. Every time I use launcher 2.0 it stays there saying “Downloading… 0 of 0 mb” and no matter HOW LONG I wait, it wont finish. I can’t use the latest build as an alternative either, because no matter if its an old or new build, it’s always damaged or incomplete. Any help?

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    1. Update: I uninstalled everything with AppCleaner and stopped all processes with Disk Utility. Turns out there were just a few files and processes STILL running from a while ago when I first got yanderemac. (in it’s early days) Thank god I can finally play


  6. Good News everyone!
    I just tried the official build of Yandere Simulator (downloaded from the official website) inside a wineskin wrapper (last wineskin wine version 2.6 Use mac driver instead of x11 and Max quality with 1/2 res texture).
    It works!
    So if you still want to play Yandere Simulator on a mac you can.
    Maybe in the future Dennis will be able to fix this or Yandere Dev will publish an official mac build (it’s a Unity3d game after all and it is still a debug build so support for multiple platform is still possible), but if you still want to play and have fun just make a wineskin port.


    1. It crashes every few minutes. I figured out that the coretext winetrick is needed to view text in menus, but are there any other winetricks you are using to get it to work?


      1. My game doesn’t crash, maybe you just need to use a lower graphics option (before using Max quality with 1/2 res texture I used max and I was not able to enter in the school before the crash but after lowering the graphic option I was to play).
        You can still check winehq if you need some tweak to your wineskin wrapper.


          1. it’s a really easy software that you can find by google it’s name “Wineskin”, it creates a “wrapper” automatically and you just need to copy the game inside the wrapper and select the wineskin.app inside and select the .exe copied inside and double click on the .app to run the game like a native mac app (it’s not 100% native, but it’s not emulation or virtualizzation, it just translate directx call to opengl).
            Sometimes you need to configure something else (there are many option, but you don’t need to use terminal or something like that… it’s a lot more easy, you just need to know what options change and find it in the interface, it’s super easy since I already wrote all the “instructions”), but Yandere Simulator almost work without any configuration (it even work without winetricks).
            Just try, you will understand it once you try… If you are still in trouble just ask youtube for a wineskin tutorials, there are lots of them on youtube and I’m sure you will understand how to use it really fast.

            Of course if you want you can just wait for a fix on YandereMac (if it’s possible) or for the final version of Yandere Simulator (that since this is a Unity game I’m sure it will be on mac too).
            After all it’s just a debug build, if you really want to play it on a mac you need to put a little effort into it.


            1. i tried wineskin and the game ran extremely slowly and laggy. i don’t know if it was just my computer or it was doing that bc of other reasons. ill try again on my better laptop but i don’t know.


          2. If you want an easier to use alternative, look up “Wine Bottler” for mac. It is much easier to use than wineskin, and should provide nearly the same results (neither worked very well for me though, both crashed, so your mileage may vary). Look up how to install “winetricks” with wine bottler, and then install the “Core Fonts” winetrick. Also, install the “d3dx9_36” winetrick. The first winetrick allows for fonts to work by installing several fonts that are built into windows, and the second allows for better directx9 compatability.


  7. The 20th doesn’t work. I think this is the end of the MAC version TT_TT Thank you anyway for all the builds you done figgyc >_<


    1. I don’t think it’s that hard. The creater just have to make sure all his files match with his URL (the adress of the site). The problem is that internet just can’t find all the files that we need to download Yanderemac so we can’t download it…


  8. I think the Unity3d 5 / C# update broke this mac build.
    I’m trying right now with wineskin again. Maybe in the future it will be possible to fix this mac build (or maybe yandere dev will just export the game for mac since unity is able to do native mac build easily).



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