March 17th debug build

Here it is:

FIXED Personal:

Google Drive:


I’m in a rush so sorry if it doesn’t work I’ll have to fixed by the end of the day.  By the way I am using an automated script to download the game straight to my server which is what caused delays and broken links at first but I have fixed the script now.


39 thoughts on “March 17th debug build

  1. Hey! Sorry to bother you, but whenever i play the game the toolbar at the bottom blocks the bottom of the screen and my mouse totally disappears! Anything I can do the stop this?


    1. I’m pretty sure the mouse is meant to disappear (so it doesn’t block the game which doesn’t use the mouse besides the camera anyway) but you can get it to show with ⌘+tab twice. The dock can be hidden in system preferences or you can use the green button at the top of the window to go into full screen. Also if you are actually still using the March 17th build you should upgrade to the April 4th build!


  2. Where do i report a bug, since i know i shouldn’t on comments, so do i just got the the regular yandere sim website and report a mac bug there?


  3. Dear figgyc,
    I Would Like To Ask You A Simple Question. When The Final Game Comes Out (Asuming It Won’t Work On Mac) Will You Make It Able To Download Here?


    1. Most likely yes, but YandereDev will probably have ported by then anyway and he may have made a launcher, which I will probably be unable to port unless it is also made in Unity, so any features in that launcher (which may go as far as being able to change settings (some game like SkySaga: Infinite Isles work this way) ) may not be in the Mac version and may need to be rewritten. In addition, YandereDev will probably (assuming he is like 99% of game developers) place the game exclusively on Steam, which uses proprietary and unbreakable (to my knowledge, and besides breaking them probably break the law) game anti-piracy methods, although (I’m not sure about this) Steam miiight be able to report to the game “Yes this person bought the game on Steam” even though they have not downloaded it. I may also require you to download the game on a windows pc then copy the files over to patch over Mac support in a manner similar to the way that allows me to make my launcher able to get new builds quicker in order to avoid potential legal issues. Although at that point it is almost certain that YandereDev will have ported the game as he knows it is possible, and the current ports are actually based on a build I was sent when I asked YandereDev for a Mac build of the game that I patch with the new game’s files (although that originally didn’t work due to a bug with yanderedev’s compression program messing with permissions, that was fixable with Googling)


    1. is anything in the folder? Where is the folder? Have you tried redownloading the launcher or typing rm .ym_version in the terminal then pressing ok on a launcher restart?


    2. Never mind I was a baka and I don’t actually download manual builds which are made on the fly so I found out that the “root” folder is. It’s replicating the file architecture of my personal server which compiles the ‘manual’ builds. It should be in root/ym_base/


  4. Hi i have a Macbook Air and i like everyone else can’t access the easter egg menu or debug, the tutorial you made was for a stationary macbook keyboard, could you make a tutorial for the pc ones? thank you ive tried everything



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