March 16th Build

Here it is in all its late glory! Also in launcher.

Personal Server:


Google Drive: Coming ASAP

Dropbox: Coming ASAP

OneDrive: Coming ASAP


20 thoughts on “March 16th Build

  1. I tried to fix the furnace glitch with the patch, but when I put it in the data folder it asked me to either replace it or keep both of the sharedassets10.asstets. If I said keep both and if I changed either of the sharedassets10.asstets names the patch would either not work or the game would glitch and close before I would get to school. If I replaced the original sharedassets10.assets, then the game would glitch and close. Is there any way to fix this?


    1. Delete any sharedassets10 files then drag it in. Make sure you are using the latest version of the patch in the FAQ. Also you are on the March 16th build page so I recommend updating the patch won’t work with old versions!


  2. How do you covert Windows programs to a Mac computer? As I have some windows games I wanna cp onvert to Mac (that are not Yandere Sim)


  3. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix that annoying furnace door sound glitch?? It’s been broken for weeks and weeks and it’s driving me crazy. If you won’t fix it is there a way to delete that sound entirely? Anything at all we can do to repair this??


    1. That’s probably because my server is in London (I use DigitalOcean) which helps me upload fast but is a bit inconsiderate to my mostly american audience. I should have thought ahead :/



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