March 5th Build

Here it is in all it’s 4-builds-in-a-row-come-on-YandereDev glory! But first, for those who follow the blog via email, if you didn’t notice, you can get automatic updates with the YandereMac Launcher.

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27 thoughts on “March 5th Build

  1. i like your Yanderemac idea but when i open the file and click the launch button it won’t open. Could you maybe fix it? And bring back MediaFire PLEASE!! Thats the only site i can use to download Yandere sim


  2. how do i use the YandereMac Launcher? When i open it says that it cant adjust to a 5.88874959E+8.
    Can someone please help me?


    1. Can you write exactly word for word what it says? If it says Downloading… some number / 5.88874959e+8 That’s normal it’s just downloading the game



      1. when i open it it says “A new version has been found. Install?” and the options that appear are cancel, launch anyway and ok. If i click launch anyway it says that it failed with error -43 and if i click ok it says No puede ajustarse a 5.88874959E+8. (in english it would be it cant adjust to a 5.88874959E+8.
        I dont really know what to do ;n;


        1. I have the same problem also, could you fix the bug where the blood of people’s clothing is black and can you bring media fire back for the March 5th Build


          1. i posted a comment but i dont know if it sent (i cant english im sorry)
            when i open it, a window full of codes appear, and this word is highlighted: finalFilesize
            hope this helps you out :3
            if not, i can send you a screenshot of whats going on :/



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