Febuary 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Here it is in all it’s fell-asleep-while-uploading-did-it-wrong-then-had-to-reupload glory! But first, a little foreword:

I’d just like to say that I don’t know the cause of black blood or furnace noises. Also, if you’re hear to report another issue (the game won’t load for you, for example), then please provide more detail in your comment. When does it stop loading? After you click it? After the graphics settings? Does it say anything? etc. Anyway, here is the builds:

MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7q3u4oq8uzbspbb

Google Drive: coming asap

OneDrive: coming asap

Dropbox: coming asap

By the way, for the person who asked, you can unzip the built in Archive Utility or The Unarchiver (recommended).


11 thoughts on “Febuary 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. So I play the game on a mac book pro and someone tried to help me by telling me how to use the camera but I still can’t open it. How do I take the camera out and how do I put on cinematic mode as well?


  2. Hi, I have some problems in which:
    1) I cannot use my mouse
    2) This causes me not to be able to use anything on my computer other than Yandere Simulator
    3) Command-Q does not work, either
    4) So then I have to reset my computer


  3. A few issues I ran into so far:

    1) after murdering all the teachers and tortured slave as Cico, the police arrive and discover all the corpses. The list of corpses found freezes on the screen, and the game must be force quit.

    2) after throwing rival off the roof, her shoes end up hovering in mid-air beyond the railing. Suicide not can be left form the ground if you get the perfect angle. This was after bringing the “evil” personality to watch.

    3) if you read manga to go to class at 8am the next day and bring your tortured slave on that day, she sits in her classroom and you cannot attend class.

    Love this regardless of bugs (they’re expected) and thank you for the new upload!


    1. 4) Resolution doesn’t fit the windowed screen on 13 inch macbook, but is perfect in fullscreen mode.

      5) The game takes over my computer and I can’t switch to any other program while playing; the only way to get to another program or window is to quit the game and lose progress (progress never saves but I don’t remember if that was ever possible in the first place)


    1. I have this issue too on a 13 inch screen if the game is windowed. If I deselect the windowed box when I open the game, the resolution fits perfectly in full screen. Maybe we have the same problem?


  4. Black blood still appears (I can deal with it). But the game also clips at the sides for me: the time, the reputation meter, and the sanity meter are getting cut off the borders of the screen, and some button icons have the descriptions hidden behind them. Is there a way of framing the game correctly?



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