RIP :(

I haven’t actually worked on this in a long time but now I am officially killing it. You may have noticed that the launcher is broken and many of the recent manual builds don’t work. That is the reason I stopped doing it: A Yandere Simulator update in the distant past broke the way I was using to convert the game to Macs. Also I don’t even have a Mac anymore so I can’t test the builds and I’ve lost interest in the game aswell

If you still want to play the game on a Mac:

You can probably still find and use some really old manual builds from this website (If someone can find and test the last one that works, I’ll link it here. Thanks!). If anyone decides to keep porting the game to more recent builds then I’ll link that here too. Do not go on Google and click random links to get the game, and do not click that guy in the comments with his fake website (I’ll try to delete them all). These are all fake links that will give your Mac a virus (you can tell because they give Windows computers a virus too :D). If anyone informs me of a legit port then I will link it here. (Kuudere Simulator is still up but I don’t have any of the rest of the joke games, and I don’t know if it works on recent macOS versions)

I wont be responding to any contacts anymore unless they are regarding what I mentioned above. I’ll read the comments on this post until I get the 2 links i asked for above.

Sorry for the long radio silence I just sort of forgot about it 😦 at least now there is a resolution. Thanks for playing!